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New direction, same mission: Planted officially goes SaaS

A year full of change and great impact for local and global environmental protection is coming to an end. Since our foundation, our goal with Planted has been to preserve our planet for future generations and living beings. What started with a climate protection subscription for private individuals has quickly evolved. Since 2022, we have also enabled a sustainable commitment for companies, and in 2023 we have tightened this focus - but the mission remains the same. From now on, we will pursue our goal of creating a sustainable future as an SaaS company and strive for Net Zero together with the business community.

For Planted, SaaS is not just Software-as-a-Service, but much more Sustainability-as-a-Service. In 2023, we have done everything we can to combine technology and environmental awareness and create an all-in-one platform for sustainability. With Planted, medium-sized to large companies can use our software solution to implement their CO₂ management, report in compliance with CSRD and also create a positive environmental impact by protecting biodiversity:

1️. ESG quick check and CO₂ data collection including double materiality analysis

2. automated decarbonization strategy with tailored reduction measures for an effective climate transformation

3. promotion of the corporate handprint through local environmental protection projects in Germany and global climate protection projects for CO₂ compensation

4. CSRD-compliant reporting in accordance with ESRS standards and sustainability communication without greenwashing, supported by advisory support and high-quality marketing material

Our Climate Academy also enables companies to run certified sustainability courses on challenging topics in the areas of ESG, CSRD or data collection - for all employees and without any prior knowledge.

More than 400 corporate clients already trust us

To date, over 400 corporate customers have joined us on this journey towards Net Zero. For example, the IT service company Passion4IT has used the Planted software solution to calculate its carbon footprint, implemented initial reduction measures based on this and has already planted over 3,000 climate-stable trees. With Wundertax, we have enabled the first green tax return by promoting local environmental protection, and the mechanical engineering company innomatec has also laid the foundations for a long-term sustainability strategy by calculating and analyzing its carbon footprint.

Wood Vibes Only: Planting trees and protecting forests in Germany

In addition to the launch of our holistic ESG software solution, our biggest highlight is the significant contribution we have made to environmental protection. Thanks to the commitment of our corporate and private customers, we were able to finance 118,359 climate-stable trees this year. These will be gradually planted in the ground during the current planting season until the end of March. Since our foundation in 2021, we have planted a total of 261,859 climate-resilient trees in over 90 areas across Germany - more than 100 soccer pitches of mixed forest. New trees are planted on an area in the Harz Mountains, near Berlin, near Reutlingen and Göppingen in Baden Württemberg, in the Kerpener Bruch near Cologne, Bodenmais in Bavaria and in the Kirchheller Heide in the Ruhr area.

In addition to planting climate-stable mixed forests, we also enable the protection of local forests in order to develop them into species-rich and climate-protecting ecosystems. The longer a forest remains unused, the more niches there are, such as fallen trees or tree hollows: places of protection for many species. Since 2022, we have been protecting 10,162 square meters of forest (for 20 years) in the Sauerland region. Rare animals find a new home there in rotten wood and tree holes, rotting wood serves as food and the trees can reach an advanced age. 

Impact: CO₂ compensation via CO₂ certificates

In addition to our forest projects, the number of carbon offset projects we support has also increased. We now support ten different global CO₂ projects, from hydropower plants in Vietnam and Brazil to solar energy in Mexico and wind power in Thailand. 

Through these certified projects, we have been able to offset a total of 178,857 tons of CO₂ emissions since 2021, which is equivalent to more than 14 trips around the world by car. In addition, the projects have improved the lives of local people and supported the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our corporate customers' share of offset emissions is 92,007 tons of CO₂ emissions.

Thank you for a successful 2023!

As the year draws to a close, we would like to thank all our corporate clients and private donors for their commitment and cooperation. Without their support, our work would not be possible and the positive impact on the environment would be much smaller. We are very much looking forward to the coming year, new goals and even more impact for the preservation of our planet.

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