All about Planted

Three years of sustainability with Planted

The idea for Planted was born over three years ago at the end of 2020, with the aim of preserving our planet for many more generations and living beings. Since then, we have been constantly evolving to take climate protection out of its niche and make it accessible and understandable for everyone. Today, we are a pioneer of "Sustainability as a Service" by supporting companies with our software and consulting services to effectively implement their sustainability strategies and meet the requirements of CSRD.

Offset yourcarbon footprint and plant trees

Planted was officially founded on March 27, 2021, bringing the idea of making climate protection as easy as possible to life. With the help of a subscription model, private individuals can get involved with just a few clicks by offsetting their averagecarbon footprint through global climate protection projects and planting climate-stable trees. Our first branding: loud, cool and standing out from the sustainability bubble.

A huge success! To date, we have planted climate-friendly trees throughout Germany with our private customers, resulting in 119,544 trees being planted. And theCO2 compensation is also impressive: more than 40,502 tons ofCO2 have been offset to date via global climate protection projects. 

Climate protection in the subscription model: now also for companies

Out of love for the environment, we expanded our scope to include companies at the end of 2021, as it became clear that business offers one of the greatest levers for reducing global emissions and promoting biodiversity. It should become a second, strong pillar alongside private individuals. With the Climate Action Team, companies could offset thecarbon footprint of their employees with a similar subscription model and plant trees in Germany every month per employee. The "climate profile" makes the companies' commitment visible to this day and their impact on the environment has grown considerably.

Clear focus on the economy for even more impact

Promoting climate protection projects and planting trees is right and important, but we could no longer rely purely on offsetting for a holistic and far-reaching transformation. We strengthened our commitment by expanding our software forCO2 balancing and systematic emissions reduction. Of course, our core topic of forests remained a major part of our offering. In addition to planting trees, we are now also protecting local forests that provide new habitats for rare species. With this next step in our Planted journey, we wanted to take our mission even further and contribute to a Net Zero world.

Sustainability as a service: from the balance sheet to CSRD

Our journey is far from over. Since the end of 2023, we have also been supporting companies in implementing the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the double materiality analysis. Our commitment to preserving the planet for future generations remains unchanged. Thanks to our donors and corporate clients, we have already planted over 337,743 trees in over 90 areas and offset 138,673.32 tons ofCO2 through 23 different climate protection projects.

The combination of technology and biodiversity remains our unique selling point. And we are ready to take on new challenges to further advance our vision of a sustainable planet. Together, we are tackling the problems at their roots.