So that you can be successfully sustainable across the board


Time saving compared to other tools


Compliant with all regulatory requirements

Over 50%

Increased employee satisfaction through Planted

Sustainability as a service

Cost-efficient and holistic solution for your ESG management and CSRD reporting

Quality assurance

Software with advice: Sustainability experts are available to help you every step of the way.

All-in-one solution

CO2 management, reduction strategy and offsetting on one platform.

Local and credible

Tangible climate protection through forest projects with our own climate forester and global projects.

Reduce up to 93% of internal emissions with the Planted platform

Planted supports more than 300 companies holistically in their ESG management. In addition to the CSRD report and local environmental protection, the focus is on decarbonization - the basis for an honest commitment without greenwashing.

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Your advantages of the ESG management platform

No expert knowledge required

Simple and intuitive use of our ESG management platform. Our experts support you throughout the entire process.

Involvement of employees

Together with your employees, your company reduces internal emissions and contributes to the achievement of targets.

70% time saving compared to Excel

Minimized effort of your carbon management in the platform to focus on strategic measures.

Marketing made easy

Planted supports transparent communication with marketing templates and guidelines.

TÜV certified

OurCO2 calculation is TÜV-certified. The data is recorded on the basis of the GHG protocol.

Data export for reporting

ExportCO2 management data in common formats for ESG reporting with a single click.

Anti-greenwashing guarantee

Your company implements a holistic sustainability strategy. The focus is on reducing and promoting the handprint.

Local environmental protection

With our internal climate forester Jan, we plant climate-stable trees in Germany. This makes climate protection transparent and tangible.

Knowledge transfer

Involve your employees in the sustainability strategy and train them via the free Climate Academy.

CO2 balance importable

Do you already know your carbon footprint? Then you can easily import your data.

Individual emission reduction

Based on the balance sheet and theCO2 hotspot, you receive personalized measures forCO2 reduction.

Tangible environmental protection, high quality in Germany

Expertise from climate forester Jan Borchert

Planting and protecting mixed forests

Area-specific tree species

How companies benefit from the forest in Germany

Local biodiversity

Planting trees preserves the forest with its ecosystem services such as water reservoirs, air filters, etc.

Own company forest

Forests close to the company can be used for team events and content production.

Promote handprint

Promoting a positive environmental impact through local planting projects and preserving nature.


Digital forest makes engagement trackable and can be used for external communication.

Sustainability in line with science

Our science-based approach ensures that your ESG management complies with international standards and protocols.

Planted enables companies to actively contribute to environmental protection and promote sustainability in the economy

> 35 k qm2

Forest protected

> 337 k

Trees planted

> 90

Forest areas planted

> 100 k t

CO2 compensated

3 years


Always two steps ahead

Planted vs. other solutions
Other solutions
CO2 balancing
According to Scope 1-3 (GHG)
Data integration and API
Data validation
Reporting Export (GHG compliant)
Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF)
Product Carbon Footprint (PCF)
Carbon Management Solution
Reduction measures
Involve employees
Reduction targets
SBTi Targets
Environmental protection & impact
Trees in Germany
Certified CO2 projects
Protecting biodiversity and the ecosystem in Germany
Employee awareness (Academy)
Green Marketing
Marketing materials
Climate profile (landing page)
Digital corporate forest
Anti-greenwashing guarantee
Communication support
Non-financial reporting (CSRD)
Double materiality analysis
ESG assessment
Auditor Audit
User Management
Dedicated account management
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Because ESG management is a strategic challenge

Your entire company benefits from our solution

Create a reliable and cost-efficient non-financial report in accordance with the CSRD Directive.

Corporate Communication

Your sustainability strategy helps with storytelling, informs and engages stakeholders. The company's reputation is enhanced.

CSO & CSR Manager

Mobilize the entire team to reduce CO2: strengthens the team spirit and contributes to achieving the company's goal together.

HR Manager

A sustainable employer is important for over 70% of employees. With Planted you strengthen your employer brand.

Marketing Manager

More than two thirds of Germans have a more positive opinion of brands that are committed to sustainability.