Collect all CSRD data centrally in one place

Realize double materiality, collect the ESRS data points and record yourcarbon footprint.

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Compliant with global standards

Materiality analysis

Double materiality analysis according to ESRS

Realize double essentiality with Planted and benefit from 55% time savings

No prior knowledge required

Online courses and our experts will guide you through the simple recording of ESG fields of action, impact and financial materiality.

Validated by auditors

Our solution offers comprehensive results documentation and an ESRS-compliant materiality matrix in report format.
Business & value chain mapping
Stakeholder analysis
User management

Together with the leading auditing firms in Germany

How the double materiality analysis works

Consultation appointment

Clarification of the organizational framework conditions and the status quo by our experts.


Development of the content of the materiality including stakeholder analysis with the planned experts and auditors.

Double materiality

Identification and assessment of the impact as well as the opportunities and risks (financial).


Overview of the material topics and the link to the required CSRD reporting points.

The double materiality at a glance

Our free guide shows you step by step how to implement the double materiality analysis in your company.

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ESRS data points

Centralized management of ESRS data points

Collect all required data points according to CSRD
Capture ESRS data points across teams, in compliance with legal requirements and under close expert supervision.
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CO2 balance

Collect TÜV-certifiedCO2 balance in accordance with standards

Record yourcarbon footprint in collaboration with our team of experts in accordance with the CSRD

AI-powered data integration

Collect your data across locations using data interfaces. AI-supported extrapolation supports you in the absence of primary data.

Efficient GHG reporting

Collaborative creation of an audit-proofCO2 report that you can export in all common formats at the click of a button and use for reporting.
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