Team Planted

Wilhelm Hammes

CEO & Founder

Cindy Schüller

CMO & Founder

Heinrich Rauh

COO & Founder

Jan Borchert

Climate Forester & Founder

Jonas Quilitz

Chief Product Officer

Björn Mergemann

Head of Engineering

Tanja Olejniczak

Head of Customer Success

Lennart Pantlen

Strategy & Growth

What drives us

Our mission

Climate change is by far the greatest threat to us on Earth. Yet our existence in this infinite universe is unique and fascinating - wouldn't it be a shame to lose that? We are not just thinking about our own children or the next generations. Our goal is for billions more children, people and animals to be able to live on this beautiful planet. Ultimately, it is up to us to make a difference.

Our values

Positive and inspiring

We believe in a future that is fit for grandchildren. We educate and inspire everyone about this, without pointing a finger.

Transparent and tangible

Through local tree planting, open communication and evidence, we make climate protection as insightful as possible.

Together and in solidarity

Only together can we curb climate change. Our solution is simple and accessible to everyone.

Behind the trees

Even away from the forest, there's plenty of action to be had here. Whether at events, a simple after-work beer or mini-golf.

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