The most efficient solution for CSRD andCO2 management for consulting companies

Save yourself various tools, time and increase the satisfaction of your customers with high-quality results

The most important services of the ESG Management Platform


All-in-one platform that replaces individual tools and Excel.

Time efficient

Ease of use allows focus on more important tasks.


Developed by auditors and TÜV-certified.


Platform creates firm positioning with customers.

CO2 management on one platform

Visualize the results by scope or area. Effectively model changes in thecarbon footprint based on an action plan.

Targeted monitoring of the sustainability strategy
Older data and balance sheets can be easily imported
Compliant with CSRD and other ESG guidelines
Time efficient

70% time saving compared to other tools

Collect CSRD-compliant data simply and centrally in one tool and benefit from time savings for you and your customers.

Automated, clear calculation - Goodbye Excel
Centralized data simplifies annual monitoring
Expert help and technical support

TÜV-certified, on the basis of GHG

Combination of tech and sustainability expertise in collaboration with auditors to efficiently design digital sustainability processes.

GHG-compliantCO2 balance, TÜV-certified
Collect monetary or activity data
Compatible with (inter)national frameworks

Sustainable value for your customers

The best platform for firmly anchoring sustainability with your customers and positioning your consulting services for the long term.

Long-term software use through annualCO2 balance sheet
Profitable partnership for you and Planted
Retain your customers with a holistic solution

Transform yourCO2 management now

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