Optimize ESG KPIs in a targeted and AI-supported manner

Set science-based targets, manage your ESG KPIs and reduce up to 93% of your emissions.

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Set CSRD-compliant targets and achieve Net Zero

In collaboration with our experts and AI, you set science-based decarbonization targets
Reduction path CO2 budget of the CO2 balance

Target setting as the basis forCO2 reduction

Precise calculation of the remainingCO2 budget for efficient target planning
Set targets company-wide, location-based or per area
CO2 forecast for future emissions projections
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Reduce up to 93% of yourCO2 emissions

Continuously optimize your reduction path and benefit from cost savings

AI-generated measures for the Net Zero target

Receive individualized, AI-generatedCO2 reduction measures based on yourcarbon footprint and track progress.

Costs and successes can be viewed transparently

Promote collaboration within your team, keep an eye on costs and effects and benefit from the marketplace for external solutions.

Competitive advantages through decarbonization


of investors say that non-financial performance plays a decisive role in their investment decision.

Source: Ernst & Young (2020)


of companies with sustainability standards benefit from sales and marketing-related advantages.

Source: Iseal Alliance (2017)


environmental awareness of the employer is just as important as the company's success.

Source: Königsstein study (2020)


Optimize ESG KPIs in a targeted manner

Manage hundreds of relevant ESG KPIs for your CSRD report in a centralized and AI-supported way

Tailor-made for your infrastructure

Collect all ESG KPIs centrally in our ESG database and benefit from over a hundred API connectors, directly integrated into your internal tools.

Holistic expert support

Our ESG and CSRD experts provide you with targeted support in identifying the most important KPIs and optimization measures for CSRD.

Cross-team ESG management

Coordinate company-wide responsibilities and integrate all relevant areas for effective ESG optimization.

Biodiversity credits for your CSRD reporting

With Planted you protect forests in Germany. Sensors monitor biodiversity and measure relevant key figures that can be included in the CSRD report as biodiversity credits.

Forest conservation area on a screen, sensor in the forest to measure biodiversity performance