Passion4IT on the way to Net-Zero


Becoming a pioneer for climate action in the region and achieving net zero by 2025


Recording the CO2 balance, internal reduction measures and own company forest in Germany with 3,200 trees



The IT services company PASSION4IT has deeply embedded sustainability in its values since it was founded in 2019. From the very beginning, PASSION4IT has been a member of One Percent for the planet and has since donated more than 1% of its annual turnover to environmental protection. Now the company wants to go one step further and anchor sustainability holistically in its own corporate strategy.


Together with Planted, PASSION4IT calculates their internal CO2 emissions and promotes the preservation of our ecosystems. Another goal is the internal reduction of their emissions.

CO<sub wg-1="">2</sub> balance of Passion4IT

CO2 balance sheet

As a first step on the way to becoming a more sustainable company, PASSION4IT used the Planted SaaS software to collect data on operational emissions. This was entered into the CO₂ calculator of the Planted software solution and analyzed automatically. This revealed the biggest CO₂ hotspots and, in the next step, a reduction plan was drawn up to reduce the balance of 23.14 tons of CO₂e (from 2022).

CO<sub wg-1="">2</sub> balance of Passion4IT
CO<sub wg-1="">2</sub> balance of Passion4IT
Digital forest from Passion4IT

Own local company forest

By planting 3,200 climate-stable trees, PASSION4IT is actively promoting the protection of biodiversity. The trees are planted in the vicinity of the company and provide an impetus for climate-stable mixed forest. This preserves the forest as an important climate protector and natural CO2 sink with all its protective functions.

Company Forest 

Planned reduction measures

In the next step, PASSION4IT is now planning to reduce its internal emissions:

Savings potential per scope
Planned actions

Sustainable design of the vehicle fleet

No business trips within Germany by plane

Use of used hardware

Operate server capacities with green electricity

More sustainable promotional gifts and equipment

Result and outlook

PASSION4IT's goal is to become Net-Zero and a leader in the region for true climate action by 2025.

By working with Planted, PASSION4IT was able to obtain an initial overview of its corporate carbon footprint, analyze its emissions, and identify CO2 hotspots. This was the first step towards a holistic sustainability strategy, on the basis of which the company's footprint of 17.37 tons of CO2e will now be actively reduced.

About Passion4IT

As a digital mountain guide, Passion4IT brings medium-sized companies from all sectors safely to the digital summit. The IT service company provides its customers with holistic advice on digitalization and focuses on people.

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