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Making processes more sustainable and reducing internal emissions as far as possible


Calculation and analysis of operational emissions

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innomatec laid the foundation for sustainability in 2013 by making the new administration building energy-efficient and installing a PV system on the roof. The system generates enough electricity to supply part of the production with environmentally friendly energy in addition to the administration building. Since 2021, the system has also been feeding the charging points for electric vehicles. 

Further sustainability measures were implemented in 2022, such as an optimized office layout and strict paper separation. Sustainability was officially integrated into the corporate strategy in February 2023 in order to withstand the positioning vis-à-vis major customers and remain competitive. The targeted increase in energy efficiency and cost reductions also led to this step.


After personal onboarding by the Planted experts and the appointment of a sustainability officer in the company, innomatec was able to start recording emissions quickly.

CO<sub wg-1="">2</sub> balance of innomatec in the Planted sustainability platform

CO2 balance sheet

In the first step, the data on operational emissions was compiled and entered into the sustainability platform's calculation tool. The carbon footprint was then automatically calculated and analyzed. It became clear that innomatec only emits low emissions in Scope 1 and 2. The use of the PV system in particular contributes to Scope 2. More than 90 percent of emissions fall into Scope 3 and relate to the procurement of materials.

CO<sub wg-1="">2</sub> balance of innomatec in the Planted sustainability platform
CO<sub wg-1="">2</sub> balance of innomatec in the Planted sustainability platform

Next steps

With the help of the balance sheet, innomatec was able to develop a status quo that will help to develop strategies for reducing the carbon footprint in the coming years. The focus here is on the materials aluminum, copper and steel, which make up the majority of the footprint. In close cooperation with suppliers, it is important to clarify where the material comes from. There are also further questions regarding the quantity or possible alternatives.

Planned reduction measures

As a next step, Innomatec is now planning to reduce its internal emissions:

Savings potential per scope
Planned actions

Result and outlook

Innomatec has set itself the goal of reducing its carbon footprint step by step in order to be able to market its products better and at the same time make production as sustainable as possible.

"Thanks to the collaborative partnership, intuitive software operation and good preparation by the Planted experts, the first step towards greater sustainability was much easier than expected," says Managing Director Pascal Schröer. "In just a short time, it was possible to get a holistic overview of our carbon footprint - without much prior knowledge." It is now important for innomatec to get employees on board, involve them in the strategy and keep them regularly informed via newsletters and quarterly reports. In the medium term, the company is planning to move into a new building, the construction of which will once again focus on sustainability.

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innomatec is a reliable provider of advanced leak testing solutions. The company offers a wide range of products and services, including user-friendly leak test computers, pressure-tight quick connectors and high-quality test benches that meet the high testing requirements of a wide range of industries.

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