Tax return meets environmental protection: Wundertax's commitment to the corporate handprint


Measuring and further reducing our carbon footprint annually


CO₂ balance, corporate forests in Germany and local forest protection

wundertax GmbH


As a provider of digital tax returns, Wundertax not only pursues digitally progressive topics, but also aims to become an industry pioneer in the area of sustainability with the first green tax return. In addition to the internal introduction of sustainable processes such as a train policy, paperless working in the office, use of public transport or the offer of a job bike for employees, Wundertax has already offset its carbon footprint via global climate protection projects in the years 2019 to 2022. Now the financial services provider wants to go one step further by focusing on local environmental protection.


Wundertax's sustainability solution in collaboration with Planted is based on three pillars, which cover both internal CO2 management and the promotion of the corporate handprint through local and global environmental protection.

‍CO2 balance sheet

The first step was to calculate and analyze Wundertax's carbon footprint in detail and identify potential savings. Targeted reduction measures can now be implemented on this basis.

Wundertax company forest

‍Treesin Germany

To promote the corporate handprint, Wundertax is committed to local environmental protection and plants a climate-stable tree in Germany for each employee every month. Wundertax's commitment to sustainability can be viewed transparently in the company's digital forest.

Company Forest 

‍Localforest protection

For every tax return submitted, Wundertax protects one square meter of forest in Germany for its customers for one year. In return, the forest in the Sauerland region has been contractually secured from commercial use and can now develop into a primeval forest of the future, providing a habitat for many rare animal and plant species.

CO2 compensation

In addition, company emissions are offset by supporting certified global climate protection projects of the highest standards.

Planned reduction measures

As a next step, wundertax is now planning to reduce its internal emissions:

Savings potential per scope
Planned actions

Result and outlook

Wundertax aims to monitor and further reduce its own carbon footprint annually by drawing up a carbon footprint report.

As the provider of the first green tax return, Wundertax is setting a good example and making the financial sector more sustainable. This makes Wundertax a pioneer among tax software providers in terms of sustainability and makes a positive contribution to climate protection by preserving the forest ecosystem with every product sold. In the future, Wundertax wants to create an even greater impact and awareness among its own employees and customers.

About wundertax‍
wundertax GmbH, based in Berlin, is a leading provider of target group-oriented tax solutions. With a user-friendly online portal and intelligent software, wundertax offers an innovative platform to simplify the complex process of tax returns for each and every individual. The company not only relies on state-of-the-art technology and user-friendliness, but is also an industry-wide pioneer in climate action with its "green tax return" concept.

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