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Planted Approved: Certified and audited CO2 projects

As part of our sustainability platform, with Planted we not only offer a solution for effective CO2 management, but also enable companies to offset unavoidable emissions. In order to ensure the highest standards and transparency for the projects, we personally visit selected projects on site. These projects receive the "Planted Approved" seal.

The selection of climate protection projects for CO2 compensation

At Planted, we focus on certified CO2 projects that meet the highest quality standards and are also recommended by the German government. The projects are subject to certain selection criteria, such as additionality, the duration of the savings (permanence) or the avoidance of double counting. The standards that we support with Planted include the Gold Standard, United Nations projects and MoorFutures projects ¹.

The "Planted Approved" seal: trustworthy CO2 projects‍

Climate protection project in Vietnam for CO<sub wg-1="">2</sub> compensation
Planted approved: Hydropower plant in Vietnam

Occasionally and at the request of our customers, we visit these climate protection projects in person on site, inspect the project facilities and hold discussions with those responsible. These selected CO₂ projects receive the "Planted-Approved" seal. Co-founder and sustainability expert Jan Borchert explains: "The 'Planted Approved' seal stands for our high quality standards with regard to our carbon offset projects. It is our obligation to show our customers that the projects we select meet a certain standard and really do save CO₂. This seal is a symbol of our commitment to the industry and is intended to strengthen transparency and trust in climate protection projects for CO₂ compensation.

"Insight into the hydropower project in Vietnam: transparency in CO2 certificate trading

Visit to the United Nations for a hydropower plant
Visiting the United Nations project in Vietnam

In November 2022, our co-founders Cindy and Wilhelm visited a hydropower project in Vietnam. This is a hydropower plant in the central highlands of Vietnam that generates green electricity and reduces CO2 emissions by 363,438 tons per year. On site, we were able to gain insights that are not possible when simply purchasing certificates. A look into the future of offsetting emissions

Wilhelm Hammes, Co-Founder of Planted, emphasizes the importance of climate protection projects. "As long as it is not yet possible to achieve net zero through internal CO2 reduction alone, CO2 certificate trading is a good way to promote great projects and save emissions. Of course, we hope that offsetting will no longer be necessary in the future. Until then, we would like to give our customers a certain amount of security with the seal for climate protection projects. At the moment, however, there is no either or when it comes to climate protection; we have to try everything we can.".‍

You can find all the information about our on-site visit to the hydropower plant in Vietnam here.


¹ Voluntary CO2 offsetting through climate protection projects (