What are climate protection projects?

Climate protection projects are initiatives and programs that aim to combat the effects of climate change and contribute to achieving global climate neutrality. They cover a wide range of activities, from reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting renewable energies to reforestation measures and the development of sustainable agricultural practices.

Avoiding, reducing and offsetting via climate protection projects

Companies can actively contribute to reducing CO₂ emissions by participating in or initiating climate protection projects. The principle of "avoid, reduce, offset" forms the basis for an effective climate protection strategy by encouraging companies to first avoid or reduce emissions and to offset unavoidable emissions through compensation measures.

How does carbon offsetting via climate protection projects work?

Carbon offsetting via climate protection projects works by companies or individuals offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions caused by their activities or, as far as possible, residual emissions by investing in projects that reduce or remove an equivalent amount of CO₂ elsewhere.

What standards should the climate protection projects be subject to?

For climate protection projects to be considered trustworthy, they must meet recognized standards and certifications, such as the Gold Standard or the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). These standards ensure, among other things, that the projects achieve measurable emission reductions, are additional and support sustainable development goals. They include strict criteria for transparency, third-party verification and regular monitoring to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of climate protection measures.

What climate protection projects are there?

From investing in renewable energy to supporting reforestation projects, climate change projects offer companies the opportunity to be part of the solution. These projects not only contribute to climate protection, but also improve the company's image and raise awareness of sustainability among employees and customers.

  • Renewable energy projects: Projects that promote the use of solar, wind and hydropower help to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and accelerate the transition to a climate-neutral energy supply.
  • Efficient cooking ovens: financing cooking ovens optimizes fuel consumption, conserves resources and reduces CO₂ emissions.
  • Reforestation and forest protection projects: Restoring forests is one of the most effective methods of removing CO₂ from the atmosphere. Reforestation and forest conservation projects also help to preserve biodiversity and stabilize local climate conditions.

Climate protection projects for companies

Supporting climate protection projects can be an essential component for companies on their way to achieving net zero. However, it is crucial to evaluate the effectiveness and sustainability of the climate protection projects supported. Transparent and comprehensible documentation of the climate protection impact is essential.

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