CO₂ compensation for companies

What does CO₂ offsetting mean for companies?

CO₂ offsetting is a key mechanism for companies to neutralize their CO₂ emissions generated in the course of their business activities. Through targeted investments in climate protection projects, companies can reduce or sequester the amount of CO₂ in the atmosphere, which helps to offset their own emissions. The measures for effective CO₂ compensation range from cooking stoves to the promotion of renewable energies.

Why CO₂ compensation is important for companies

CO₂ offsetting is an important tool in the context of corporate climate management. It complements direct measures to reduce emissions and supports companies in achieving their sustainability goals. By offsetting CO₂ emissions, companies not only demonstrate their responsibility towards the environment, but also strengthen their brand and competitiveness.

Application examples for CO₂ compensation in companies

By using CO₂ calculators and software solutions for CO₂ balancing, companies can easily record their emissions. Following a targeted reduction, a company's offsetting requirements can be determined and targeted investments can be made in climate protection projects.

Selection of climate protection projects for CO₂ offsetting

The selection of trustworthy and certified climate protection projects is crucial to the success of carbon offsetting. Projects that are certified according to standards such as the Gold Standard guarantee transparency and a verifiable climate impact. Companies should make sure to invest in projects that are both environmentally and socially sustainable.

Challenges and points of criticism in CO₂ compensation

While carbon offsetting offers an effective way to support climate protection, it should not be seen as the sole solution. The primary focus must be on avoiding and reducing emissions. Offsetting only applies to unavoidable emissions. Furthermore, offsetting projects should be selected carefully to avoid greenwashing.

Supporting high-quality climate protection projects with Planted

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