CO₂ certificates

What are CO₂ certificates?

CO₂ offset certificates are certificates that certify that a certain amount of carbon dioxide (CO₂) or other greenhouse gases has been offset by climate protection projects. These certificates enable companies to offset their carbon footprint by investing in projects that actively contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. They also play a central role in the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), a market-based approach to controlling air pollution by limiting overall emissions.

Climate protection contribution through offset certificates

The purchase of CO₂ compensation certificates is an effective way for companies to make their contribution to climate protection. By supporting projects such as reforestation, renewable energies or improvements in energy efficiency, companies can indirectly reduce emissions that they cannot avoid directly.

Advantages of CO₂ certificates and projects for companies

  • Sustainable image: The purchase of offset certificates demonstrates a company's commitment to environmental protection and can have a positive impact on the brand image.
  • Flexibility: companies can offset their carbon footprint even if direct emission reductions cannot be implemented immediately at their own site.
  • Promotion of environmental projects: By investing in offset certificates, companies contribute directly to the financing of environmental and climate protection projects.

Importance of CO₂ compensation certificates without emissions trading

Even without direct participation in emissions trading, CO₂ offset certificates enable companies to actively participate in climate protection. This strategy supports companies in assuming their ecological responsibility by offsetting the impact of their business activities on the environment and contributing to the global effort to combat climate change.

CO₂ certificates in emissions trading

Emissions trading was adopted by the European Union in 2005 and is intended to help companies reduce their emissions while remaining competitive. Certificate trading is based on the "cap and trade" principle. An upper limit (cap) is set for total emissions and companies receive or buy certificates that give them the right to emit greenhouse gases up to a certain limit. Companies that reduce their emissions can sell surplus certificates to others who have to emit more than they are allowed to.

Costs of CO₂ certificates

As with other market instruments, the costs for CO₂ offset certificates vary depending on the standard, project type, location and scope of the CO₂ reduction.

Planted offers high-quality CO₂ projects for offsetting

CO₂ offset certificates offer companies a practical way to achieve their climate targets and support positive environmental effects at the same time. With Planted, we support your company in the selection of CO₂ projects, some of which have been reviewed by us on site. Find your suitable project now in a free consultation with our experts.