Stay up to date with our Wood News
Stay up to date with our Wood News

Local and Global Climate Action

Plant your own local company forest, protect forests in Germany and promote global climate protection projects.

The future grows here

Plant trees as your own company forest near your company and visit it with your team. Together, we will set an impulse for climate-stable mixed forests in Germany.


Trees planted

Our climate protection projects

By supporting global climate protection projects of the highest standards
you can offset your company's unavoidable emissions.

HydropowerThe hydropower project is located on a developed reservoir in the Central Highlands of Vietnam and produces 636,900 MWh of electricity per year.



HydropowerThe project activity consists of the supply of clean hydropower to the Brazilian national interconnected grid through the construction and operation of the Barra Grande hydropower plant in the southern region of Brazil.



Wind powerThe project is located in Nakhonratchasima Province in Thailand and generates electricity through the use of wind energy with 30 wind turbines.

Wind power


From financing to project realization


A climate protection project is financed and realized through the purchase of certificates.

The support of companies thus makes it possible to maintain the projects in the long term.


The project implemented actively saves or avoids CO₂.


Savings are sold as emission reductions in the form of certificates.


Forest protection in Germany

By protecting forests in Germany, a species-rich mixed forest can develop into a primeval forest of the future. Numerous rare species find a home in the old and dead wood, and the trees can reach a great age.

At the same time, the natural forests are not only a valued habitat, but also store 10 to 13 tons of CO₂ per year and hectare.

Our Planted conservation project protects these forests, contractually regulated and secured by land registry.

Impact per Shopify

With our Shopify app, your customers can easily protect forests in Germany via your online store, contractually secured per product, order or amount.

Forest protection exclusively in Germany

10 sqm forest ≈ One tree

Badge for your store


Transparent climate protection

This is where we upload all evidence of our tree planting and certificate purchase transactions.