Stay up to date with our Wood News
Stay up to date with our Wood News

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Trees we planted in Germany in the first year



tonnes of COโ‚‚ offset in the first year



14+ people on the team, all working to reduce emissions

Wood Vibes Only

For us, real impact is our top priority and our mission is to make our world greener. ๐ŸŒณ

There is no eco-shaming or pointing fingers. Only together we create added value for ourselves and our planet and this is also reflected in our team. Nobody is perfect - and that's a good thing! We welcome everyone from vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, pescetarians to meat lovers - but if you care about our environment and really want to make a difference!

In Cologne or fully remote

We are committed to flexible and family-friendly working hours, salary and workplace arrangements and will gladly try to develop an individual solution together with you.

The brains behind Planted

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