What is the carbon footprint of companies?

What is meant by CO₂ footprint?

The carbon footprint, also known as the CO₂ footprint or corporate carbon footprint, refers to the total greenhouse gas emissions caused by the activities of an individual, a product, a service or a company, measured in tons of CO₂ equivalents. It includes all direct and indirect CO₂ emissions resulting from production, consumption and disposal.

Importance of the CO₂ footprint for companies

In the context of sustainability and climate protection, calculating and reducing the carbon footprint is becoming increasingly important for companies. A lower carbon footprint not only signals a commitment to climate protection, but also improves competitiveness by increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

How is the CO₂ footprint calculated?

With the help of climate footprint calculators and specialized consulting firms, companies can determine their carbon footprint. This process requires a detailed analysis of all operational processes, from energy use to transportation routes and material procurement, and includes Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions.

Sustainability and climate impact

Reducing the carbon footprint is a central component of sustainable business practices and the cornerstone of a company's sustainability strategy. Calculating the carbon footprint reveals a company's carbon hotspots and thus enables the implementation of targeted measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Record ecological footprint with the help of software solutions

Organizations like Planted offer software solutions to support companies in measuring and reducing their environmental footprint in an individualized way and with expert knowledge. They emphasize the importance of responsible business practices in harmony with environmental protection.

Summary: CO₂ footprint in the corporate context

The carbon footprint is a key indicator of a company's environmental impact. By analyzing and reducing it, companies can not only make their contribution to climate protection, but also integrate efficiency and sustainability into their business models. Addressing their own carbon footprint promotes transparency, encourages innovation and strengthens the company's position in the market.

TÜV-certified calculation of the CO₂ footprint

CO2 footprint calculator within the Planted software

Planted's software solution enables your company to record your carbon footprint in accordance with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Would you like to record your CO₂ emissions simply and centrally? We look forward to hearing from you.