What does forest protection mean?

Forest conservation focuses on the preservation of forest areas by removing them from economic use in order to allow them to develop freely and undisturbed. The aim is to preserve natural ecosystems, promote biodiversity and create long-term stable forest landscapes that thrive without human intervention.

Forest conservation protects biodiversity and the climate

By establishing protected areas that allow the natural life cycles of the forest to run their course, we are making a decisive contribution to the preservation of biodiversity. These untouched areas promote a rich diversity of species by providing undisturbed habitats for numerous (rare) animal and plant species. At the same time, forests act as carbon reservoirs that play an essential role in climate protection by absorbing CO₂ and thus helping to reduce the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, as well as storing and filtering drinking water, protecting against noise and filtering the air. This underlines the importance of protected forest areas not only for preserving biodiversity, but also for mitigating global warming.

Legal foundations promote forest protection

Laws such as the Forest Act and specific state forestry laws, e.g. the NRW State Forest Act (LWaldG), emphasize the importance of protecting forest areas. Regulations such as Section 15 LWaldG set the framework for the protection and conservation of forests, also by designating areas for natural development.

Why forest protection is essential

Creating open spaces for forests is crucial to preserving natural habitats and strengthening the ecological functions of forests. This approach not only helps to protect forests, but also supports global climate protection goals and the preservation of forests as important ecosystems. Without adequate forest protection, we risk accelerated global warming, loss of animal and plant species, and degradation of natural resources critical to human survival.

Companies can contribute to the protection of forests

With organizations like Planted, companies can help to ensure that forests in Germany are taken out of use and protected. The forest can develop freely, the protective functions are preserved and rare animal and plant species find a home.

Would you like to work with Planted and our climate forester to help protect local forests? We look forward to hearing from you.