Transparent reporting and communication

Marketing material, guidelines and ESG and CSRD-compliant reporting support communication without greenwashing.

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Sustainability communication with Planted

ESG reporting

Reporting on engagement, in line with ESG reporting standards.


Involvement of employees through regular updates via intranet, newsletter, etc.


Communication of the sustainability strategy to relevant stakeholders.


Planted supports communication with guidelines and personal support.


Meeting standards and managing stakeholder communication

Meeting ESG and CSRD requirements for investors, banks and the supply chain


Automated emissions report on Scope 1 to 3 emissions, GHG-compliant and by business unit.

Data export

Simple data export in various formats for internal and external reporting.


Full support with regard to the sustainability report and the audit by auditors.

Export compliant ESG reports in just a few minutes

Just one click to download in common formats
CO₂ report compliant with NFRD, CSRD and TCFD
Simple provision for reporting checkpoints

Compliant with global standards

Join over 350 companies and benefit from sustainability without greenwashing - thanks to active CO2 reduction

Internal & External

High quality marketing material

Photo and video material

Climate certificate

Badges, logos, digital signature

Ready-made social media posts

Climate active!
More than just climate neutral.

With aCO2 reduction potential of up to 93% of emissions, companies become active for the climate with Planted. From the Professional package upwards, companies receive the Climate Active badge.

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Sharing commitment, with the digital climate profile

Simple communication to customers, employees and investors.
Transparent view of location and tree species
Overview of the climate protection projects supported
Engagement can be shared with stakeholders with one click
Climate profiles of our Planted partners

Personal communication support

Planted provides practical examples and support for your communication

Communicate honestly and holistically

Personal consulting support and guidelines
Texts for social media, press releases and much more.
Landing page for communication without greenwashing
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Why sustainability communication is important

68% have a more positive opinion of brands that are committed to sustainability.

82% of consumers find sustainability communication important as it helps them to make purchasing decisions.

For over 60%, information about sustainability on career sites is a particular incentive for applying for a job.

FAQ on reporting

What is meant by greenwashing?

Greenwashing describes misleading or deceptive advertising and marketing practices with which companies present themselves as more sustainable than they actually are. This is often done by emphasizing environmental aspects in sustainability communication, although the business practices are not in line with this and only the company's image is to be improved.

What are examples of honest sustainability communication or communication without greenwashing?

Transparent reporting is crucial for communicating sustainability honestly and without greenwashing. Other factors include credible partnerships, long-term strategies and stakeholder involvement. One example of honest and authentic sustainability communication is the outdoor company Patagonia.

Why is sustainability communication (also in the form of PR and marketing) important?

Sustainability communication makes your company's commitment visible. This has many advantages, as a sustainable commitment gains the trust of customers and other interest groups, enhances the company's reputation, increases employee loyalty and benefits your company on the job market.

How can sustainability be communicated?

Corporate sustainability communication refers to the targeted dissemination of information that communicates the company's commitment to the three areas of ecology, social affairs and the economy. It serves to inform stakeholders about sustainable measures, goals and results and should be disseminated on all internally and externally relevant channels. With Planted, we support companies in their communication with marketing materials in the form of a landing page about their commitment, badges, photo material, ready-made social media posts and a climate certificate. In addition, you receive guidelines for transparent communication or we provide personal support.

What reporting standards does the sustainability platform meet?

The Planted sustainability platform is compliant with NFRD, CSRD, CSDD and TCFD and enables holistic ESG management.