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Stay up to date with our Wood News

Protect local forests and promote

Natural forests are a valuable habitat for many species, because they offer niches that are rarely found in commercial forests. By protecting forests with your company, the forest develops into a species-rich natural treasure, protects the climate and promotes the preservation of biodiversity.

2.8 %

of German forests are currently adequately protected.

80 %

of the world's biodiversity is native to the forest.

30 %

of CO₂ emissions worldwide are removed from the atmosphere by forests each year.

How forest conservation works with Planted

Decades of protection

Preservation of natural forests in Germany for biodiversity and climate protection.

Impact from 30 cents

Forests are no longer used economically and provide a habitat for animals and plants. Protection of one square meter for only 30 cents per year.

Security for the future

Contracts secured by land registry, according to which the forest is allowed to develop freely without deforestation.

Companies profit economically from environmental protection

90 %

of consumers want to buy sustainable products. (GFK and Serviceplan 2023)

68 %

of German consumers prefer brands that are committed to sustainability. (Integral Ad Science, 2022)

50 %

of consumers in Germany switch to less well-known brands if they are more sustainable ( Capgemini, 2020)

"A healthy forest is an important pillar in climate protection and for biodiversity. It contributes significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gases and creates habitat for a variety of species."

Jan Borchert, Climate Forester Planted

Green marketing made easy

Share successes through your digital company forest

You will receive the protected forest area as a digital twin including coordinates to share.

Honest, transparent communication

With the help of a certificate, badges, photo material and ready-made social media posts, your commitment can be communicated transparently.

Forest protection for e-commerce companies

With the Planted Shopify app, your customers protect forests in Germany every time they place an order.

Easy installation

  • Installation of the app within two minutes
  • Easy integration in the checkout of your store

Customized solution

  • Forest protection per sale, product or amount
  • You decide how many square meters will be protectedops

Easy installation

  • Digital forest for communication
  • Protected square meters transparently traceable

Forest protection helps people and animals

Much more than just forest: discover the protective functions of the forest

50 tons of soot and
dust are filtered from the atmosphere
per year

15-30 tons of
O₂ are produced per

Recreational space
for people

100,000 cubic meters of water filters and reservoirs

Habitat for
many animal and plant species

10.6 tons
CO₂ binding per year

Forest conservation promotes the Sustainable Development Goals

How does Planted ensure the protection of forests?

Forests worthy of protection are removed from silvicultural management so that trees can reach a ripe old age. Dead or broken trees are not removed. This creates areas as resting places for animals and plants. Rare creatures that are no longer found in a managed area of forest find a habitat here. The protection of the forests is regulated by a contract and secured by an easement registered in the land register.

What are the benefits of forest conservation for my business?

By protecting forests, your company contributes to the preservation of German forests and actively protects biodiversity. In this way, your company makes a major contribution to the environment and benefits from a favorable corporate reputation. More than two-thirds of Germans have a more positive opinion of companies that are committed to sustainability, and one in two would switch to a less well-known brand that is committed to sustainability.

Which is more effective, planting trees or forest conservation?

Both tree planting and forest protection are effective measures for climate and environmental protection. Both approaches complement each other and are important. Planting trees contributes directly to CO₂ sequestration and can reforest bare areas. Forest conservation preserves existing forests, which serve as carbon sinks and maintain valuable habitats. A balanced combination of both measures is most effective in meeting the global challenges of climate change and species conservation.

What options do companies have in forest conservation?

With our e-commerce plugin for Shopify stores, your company can easily protect one square meter of forest per product, amount or order for one year. Through the plugin, your commitment can be integrated directly into your e-commerce store. High quality marketing material helps your business communicate transparently.

How does forest conservation contribute to biodiversity protection?

Forest conservation preserves biodiversity, as forests provide diverse habitats and protect endangered species. They serve as carbon sinks, helping to combat climate change. They also serve as drinking water reservoirs and filters, air producers, air filters, and recreational spaces for us humans. Conserving forests is critical to preserving nature.