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About Planted

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What drives us

Climate change is by far the greatest threat to us on Earth. Yet our existence in this infinite universe is unique and fascinating - wouldn't it be a shame to lose that? We are not only thinking about our own children or the next generations. Our goal is that billions more children, humans and animals can live a life on this beautiful planet. Ultimately, it is up to us to make a difference. But what can we do?

Reducing the CO₂ footprint is absolutely necessary. But until this goal is achieved, we still need a lot of time. Time that is really scarce. We founded Planted to actively do something about climate change and to get there faster together with you. We are going one step further and are convinced that we can still turn the tide. There are many exciting technologies that give us hope (for example, the direct filtering of CO₂ from the air via "direct air capturing").

And we can give hope with Planted: if we convince a few million people to plant trees and support climate projects every month, it can make a serious difference. Humans are capable of a lot when there is hope. So let's tackle the problem and make a difference. Without pointing fingers, without accusations and without putting others before our heads. Decide with Planted, with us and all together: for the future.

Tangible climate protection

Plant trees

  • In this Excel list we upload all evidence of our tree plantings transparently for you.
  • There are different ways we plant your trees: Either we plant directly ourselves with voluntary support or our forester Jan plants in cooperation with tree nurseries. The trees are always specially selected for the location and planted in such a way that nature is imitated as best as possible.

CO₂ compensation

  • In this Excel list, you will regularly find all the evidence and transactions relating to our CO₂ certificate purchases.
  • In order to ensure the highest standard in climate protection, we work together with globally active developers for climate protection projects. Fortunately, climate protection is an area in which there is functioning cooperation between different countries. This is how CO₂ offsetting takes place with global standards.

Our values

To ensure that our values are not just perceived as empty words, we fill them with life.
We check every decision we make against our values and act accordingly. This is the only way we can live up to our mission and inspire others.

Sustainability is the big goal. We want to educate about this, we want to educate in this. By deciding to act in a way that is oriented towards the common good, we promote a positive change that is close to nature. Our way of life and communication should be non-violent, open, playful and inviting.

We must all work together - in solidarity rather than polarisation - towards the goal of making the earth a place worth living in the long term. Then we can say: forever.

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