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Climate positive

Your company as a beacon of hope for the climate crisis

Companies are the key to stopping climate change. Reduce emissions, motivate employees and benefit as a company. This is how modern climate protection works with Planted
Elena Welsch
February 21, 2023
Climate positive

After all, curbing the global climate crisis is one of the greatest challenges of our time and one of the most comprehensive tasks of politics. But there is little time left to implement appropriate measures, and the remaining time is pressing. If we do not manage to reduce current CO₂ emissions worldwide, we are heading unchecked towards 2.9 degrees. A danger for all life on this earth and a true catastrophe for future generations.  

Previous climate protection targets are insufficient

With the Paris Climate Agreement, almost all countries have bindingly agreed to limit global warming to 2 or preferably 1.5 degrees. But even if the goals of the agreement are met and global emissions are halved by 2030, a gap still remains. According to a study by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the pledges set out so far cover only half of the emission reductions that would be needed for the 1.5 degree target.

Great hopes were pinned on the COP26 in Glasgow this November, which offered an opportunity to tighten up the Paris climate targets. One success was that, for the first time in the history of the climate conference, coal was named as one of the biggest contributors to the climate crisis. In addition, a reduction in methane emissions, a halt to deforestation in more than 100 countries and concrete phase-out dates for oil and gas production and petrol and diesel cars were agreed.

But the results are sometimes viewed soberly: Environmental activists as well as the industry criticise the result. According to the renowned Swedish climate researcher Johan Rockström, there is only a 50% chance that global warming can be kept below two degrees compared to pre-industrial times if all the announcements are fully implemented. The only hope is the plan of the states to tighten up their inadequate national climate protection targets by the end of 2022.

The opportunity beyond politics

Time to rethink the problem of the climate crisis and see politics only as part of the solution. There are other actors whose actions can contribute a great deal, if not most, to mitigating the consequences.

Caption: Committed reduction paths of the Paris Climate Agreement of the states and the contributions of the private and business sector required beyond that (Source: Rademacher, F. J.: Voluntary climate neutrality of the private sector. Key to achieving the 2° target. S. 30)

One opportunity to counteract this lies with non-state actors such as private individuals and companies. Business in particular is a huge sector that can help reduce CO₂ emissions with great effect. The solution lies in the voluntary compensation of the residual emissions that are still being emitted despite the existing reduction measures of the Paris Climate Agreement and the plans of COP26.

With the help of organisations, companies can voluntarily become climate neutral. We offer a solution for this with Planted. With support for CO₂ avoidance and CO₂ reduction, we start and help you as a company to act climate-neutrally. In three clicks, we offer a simple solution for a greener future. 

Climate positive living

Our model of Climate Action Teams enables companies to decarbonize their own business with the entire workforce. This includes not only emissions from work but also those from private life. Emissions are offset through global climate protection projects, such as the construction of a wind farm, the renaturation of peatlands or the use of hydropower to generate electricity. These selected projects are subject to the strictest standards of international certification bodies such as the VCS or the Gold Standard and are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. This ensures that the projects have a positive impact on the lives of local people as well as their environment. 

Protection of German forests

In addition to the participation of the climate protection projects, we plant climate-stable trees on top here in Germany, hyperlocally near any major city. These form the forest of the future and can grow adapted to climate change. The protection and stability of the forests is ensured by our own forester Jan, who selects tree species and areas individually. 

In addition to creating habitat for many different species and preserving biodiversity, tree planting serves to further CO₂ storage, in addition to decarbonization via climate protection projects. Our forest is one of the largest natural carbon stores that needs to be preserved. Because the German forest is doing very badly. Droughts, storms, hot spells and the bark beetle as a result of climate change have taken their toll on the forests. With the Climate Action Team, you as a company contribute to the natural preservation of our forests here on site and can visit the donated or self-planted trees at any time. The bond between employees and the company is strengthened and you can continue to grow together as a team outside of the daily work routine as part of an additional planting event.

Climate neutral company 

In addition, we make it possible to make your entire company climate neutral. To do this, we calculate your company's TÜV-certified emissions and decarbonise them via our world's best climate protection projects. In addition, we offer support for the avoidance and reduction of emissions. We support you by working with you to reduce your CO₂ footprint in all areas. 

As an aid, we provide a climate-relevant catalog of measures that can help the company become greener on its own. There are recommendations for action in various areas, such as the introduction of theme days like Veggie Day, financial support for the use of public transport, sustainable renovation of buildings, or the use of water stations to avoid plastic bottles. On our Climate Action Page - which you receive with your Climate Action Team subscription - the entire team can view their own commitment, watch the digital company forest grow and find out about climate protection projects. In the future, we will also offer active Climate Challenges that promote collective CO₂ reduction and support the company on its way to Net Zero.

Business is the key

As a company, you have a lot of opportunities to shape your business in a sustainable way. In this way, you are making a major contribution to the implementation of the climate goals, because although the political measures lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 500 billion tonnes of CO₂, they do not prevent a further increase. There is the so-called Paris Gap: because another 500 billion tonnes of CO₂ must be saved to meet the 2 degree target. As a company, you can play a key role in ensuring that the emissions budget of 600 billion tonnes of CO₂ calculated by the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU) is not exceeded. Your chance to contribute to meeting the climate targets and to make a big impact is therefore huge.




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