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How high are the CO₂ emissions in my company?

Forest Wiesbaden

About the forest area

The Hohe Wurzel in the Taunus near Wiesbaden is one of our first planting areas and is located in the Rhine-Taunus Nature Park. We have already planted the first trees on an area there at the end of 2020. Our climate forester Jan lives in Wiesbaden and therefore knows the suffering of the forest there. In addition to the Hohe Wurzel, we also planted at the so-called Hansenkopf in spring 2021. In autumn 2021, a very large area of 5,000 trees was also planted at the Platte, the highest mountain near Wiesbaden.

More than 1,000,000m² of forest area have been destroyed there by the consequences of climate change. Due to high temperatures, little precipitation and an explosive increase in the bark beetle, the forest has died. Most affected are spruce and pine forests, of which only a huge dead area remains. Planted has been able to provide great assistance here and has replanted the dead areas. 

Together with HessenForst, we planted the following tree species there: oak, robinia, fir, tree hazel, cherry, beech, hornbeam, lime, sweet chestnut and alder. Many different trees that will form a climate-stable mixed forest in the future and contribute to preserving the forest ecosystem with all its diverse functions. Forests are water reservoirs, air filters, habitats for animals and recreational areas for people. In addition, forests bind a lot of CO₂.

Would you rather read an independent report about our planting campaign in the Taunus? Click here for the article in the Frankfurter Rundschau.

Here we planted

You want to get your own picture of our areas? You can visit our newly planted mixed forest under these GPS coordinates:

  1. High root
  2. Hansenkopf
  3. Plate

Behind the Scenes

Planters in action. Here you see us in full commitment for future generations.

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