How high are the CO₂ emissions in my company?
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How high are the CO₂ emissions in my company?

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About the forest area

Together with the innovative University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde and a cooperative with arable land Brandenburg, we want to gather knowledge about the climate-stable mixed forest of the future. The aim is to find out which tree species can really withstand the increasing extreme weather events such as heat, storms, heavy rain and pest infestation. In this way, we are not only focusing on tree species that are already considered climate-stable and working together with forest owners and forestry offices, but are going one step further and becoming part of the research ourselves.

The planned project area is located between Berlin and Frankfurt (Oder) and is an arable area of the cooperative that is to be converted into forest. 20,000 climate-stable trees will be planted here, a total of 40 different tree species. Some of the tree species already occur in Germany, the others come from southern Europe and North America. The aim of the project is to investigate how the tree species get along with each other, whether a climate-stable mixed forest is created and how the individual tree develops. 

The aim is to explore how we can preserve the forest of the future and support nature. Because the problem is that nature alone will not manage to revive the areas altered by humans in a climate-stable way. In the same way, however, we cannot be sure which tree species will be able to cope 100% with the developments of the future. This is where we come in with our forward-looking project and conduct research on the project area by planting specific tree species.

Here we planted

Are you curious? With the help of these coordinates you can visit the former farmland.

Behind the Scenes

Our pictures give you a first impression of the area:

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