A plant event for your team in the Rhine-Main area?
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A plant event for your team in the Rhine-Main area?

For a greener future

How does Planted work?

Choose the plan that suits you best below.

We plant climate-stable trees in Germany for you every month.

Your donations support climate protection projects.

Gardener 🌱

per month

The perfect plan for an average CO₂ footprint in Germany per year.

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Cancellable monthly
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Planter 🌿

per month

For all those who consume slightly more than the average emissions.

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Cancellable monthly

Forester 🌳

per month

This will make you a world saver and bring you closer to a climate-friendly future.

Name your tree
A tree with your desired name at the next planting
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TrAnsparent climate protection

Climate Action Page

In your climate profile you can see your mixed forest grow, track the reduction of your CO₂ emissions and the supported climate protection projects.

Share your Climate Action Page with your family, friends or acquaintances and motivate them to actively protect the climate.

We are a
non-profit organisation

Our main business purpose is environmental protection, not profit.
Before you support us, please think about reduce & reuse.


Try to avoid things if you can. For example, the flight.


Try to replace things.
For example, the flight with a train ride.


For the rest, we come into play. We offset your CO₂ footprint and plant trees.

We are committed to always giving at least 75% of your donations to the projects. We use another 15% of the donations to inspire other people to live a more climate-positive life. 10% we need for our team, rent and costs, such as for our website.

A resounding yes! And that's in Germany. We have our own forester Jan on board to look after the trees on our land. Learn more about our climate forest conservation project.

After booking, you will receive your personal climate profile - the Climate Action Page. There you can transparently see month by month which trees and where you have planted, how many tons of CO₂ you have offset and which climate protection projects are supported.

Click here for all FAQs about our climate protection projects and tree planting campaigns. Or give us a call: +49 221 222 05 192.