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Take the first step of the Climate Journey

TÜV-certified, we record your company's CO₂ emissions in all relevant scopes. We then provide you with an individual analysis and tangible savings potential.

CO₂ balance sheet

TÜV certified calculation

The emissions of all company processes are recorded in a TÜV-certified manner for Scope 1-3.

Individual acquisition

Data retrieval is customized to your company profile.


Analysis of CO₂ emissions

We clearly show you the individual scopes of your CO₂ emissions.

Identification of savings potentials

Identification of your individual emission hotspots with the greatest savings potential.

Advantages of our Insights solution

Recording of all emissions

All emissions are recorded, balanced and documented in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (Scope 1-3).

From SMEs to Enterprise

Emissions are recorded specifically for each company and missing data is filled in with smart projections.

Simple operation

Using the self-explanatory interface, data can be entered and progress tracked quickly and easily.

Holistic care

The annual recording of the balance sheet forms the basis for the continuous monitoring of success in becoming a climate-active company.

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