Stay up to date with our Wood News
Stay up to date with our Wood News

Do good and talk about it

So that you can share your commitment transparently, we also take you by the hand in your communication.

Personal climate profile

Your personal climate profile shows transparently where the trees grow, how many tons of CO₂ your company has reduced and which climate protection projects are supported.

Share the page easily with your team, customers, partners and motivate them to actively protect the climate.

Climate certificate

You receive a certificate that makes your commitment verifiable and visible at a glance and shows the tons of CO₂ reduced.

No Greenwashing

To avoid greenwashing, we also help you communicate your commitment. Our guidelines help you to communicate sustainability in the right way.

In addition, you can also discuss how your company's commitment can be communicated transparently and honestly in a personal meeting with our communications expert.

Marketing material

Use our badges, logos, photos of the planting areas, ready-made posts and textual support to communicate your commitment to the environment.

Email badge

With the badge you communicate your commitment daily by email to your customers, suppliers and potential partners.

QR code to
digital forest

You will receive an automatically generated QR code that leads to your climate profile. This way, you can also make your commitment visible in all offline activities. Practical for trade fairs, on your business card or your stationery.

Climate profiles of our Planted partners

The beer library
Mc Cain
Engel & Völkers
People's Bank

Rooted in sustainability

Sustainability was invented by a forester in 1713. Using wood as an example, he described how a natural resource disappears when more is used than can grow back. He wrote at that time that the forest must be "kept up" for future generations. This gave rise to the idea of sustainability.

Our definition of sustainability

In the meantime, the idea of sustainability has grown and is based on three pillars: Sustainability must be ecologically sound, but also economically valuable and socially just. At Planted, we work according to these three pillars to enable sustainability for companies and individuals.

Our mission here is to preserve the planet for all future generations and many other living beings.

You still have questions?

Our colleague Philippa will be happy to advise you on any open questions and beyond.

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