Stay up to date with our Wood News
Stay up to date with our Wood News

Byebye Greenwashing! Become truly climate active with your company

Plant trees in Germany, reduce your CO₂ emissions and offset unavoidable emissions.

Climate Action

Your Company's Climate Journey

Forest in Germany

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Individual CO₂ reduction

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Optional CO₂ compensation

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The company's own forest right on the doorstep

From 3,000 trees we realize company forests at desired locations and plan our own projects.

Benefit from tangible and high-quality climate protection through your own company forest in the direct vicinity of the company.

Our climate forester Jan Borchert ensures the right expertise and plants only climate-stable mixed forest.

More than 61 areas in Germany

Use the forest to create content

See your forest grow digitally

Transparent overview of where and what tree species have been planted

Share your digital forest and make your engagement visible

Forests we have already planted:

Active CO₂ reduction with your team

Based on your company profile, you will receive individual measures to reduce emissions.

Track your reduction path and keep track of the impact as well as the costs of each measure

Your employees are actively involved in the reduction process

Contribute own measures and prioritize via voting systems

In line with global standards

Simple compliance with global standards and guidelines through integrated adaptation of your CO₂ management

"Sustainability commitment without greenwashing through highest quality and transparency."

Optional CO₂ offsetting of unavoidable emissions

You can offset unavoidable emissions and support certified projects through a suitable climate protection project.

Over 24 projects selected and reviewed by our experts (some of them directly on site)

Highest project standards with strict selection criteria and demonstrable closure in the transparency register

Promoting the Sustainable Development Goals associated with the project.

Join over 300+ companies

Go your way to a CO₂-free company now

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