A plant event for your team in the Rhine-Main area?
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A plant event for your team in the Rhine-Main area?

Tangible climate protection for your company

Reduce your team's CO₂ emissions and plant a company forest in Germany.

More than 250 corporate customers are already making an active contribution to the climate at

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The Climate Action Team

We reduce the CO₂ footprint of your employees and also create your company forest in Germany.

How to make your team climate positive

With us, you offset your team's CO₂ emissions and plant trees in Germany. Business emissions are included in these packages.

Business travel compensation

Unfortunately, some business trips cannot be avoided. That is why our tariffs also include flat rates for business trips as standard.

Trees in DE & int. climate protection projects

We plant your own company forest in Germany. In addition, you finance global climate protection projects that officially serve as CO₂ offsets.

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This is how much potential your Climate Action Team has

Trees in DE

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From just €7 per month per employee

Show your commitment to the climate

This is what you get from Planted

Certified commitment

Climate certificate

You receive a certificate that transparently shows the number of your climate-stable trees and the tons of CO₂ reduced.

share your climate action

Marketing material

Use our badges, logos, photos of the planting areas, ready-made posts and textual support to communicate your commitment to the environment.

A team with a profile

Climate Action Page

In your climate profile you can see your trees growing transparently, track the reduction of your CO₂ emissions and the climate protection projects supported.

Share your Climate Action Page with your team and customers and motivate them to actively protect the climate.

Share offline too

QR code to the digital forest

You will receive an automatically generated QR code that leads to your Climate Action Page. With this climate profile, you can also make your commitment visible in all offline activities. Practical, for example, for trade fairs, on your business card or your stationery.


Discover the digital corporate forests of our Planter!

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Do you want to drive climate protection and get your management team to act? Our flyer gives you an overview of our climate solutions. You prefer a conversation? Contact us here and we will support you personally in establishing environmental protection in your company.

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Info Flyer (EN)
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Questions & Answers

With the Climate Action Team, we reduce the CO₂ footprint of your employees through global climate protection projects and also plant trees in Germany. This benefits not only employees, but also partners and customers. Companies can use the Climate Action Page to share their commitment to the climate online via a link and let the public participate in their Climate Action.

For more information, read the question "What marketing material do I receive?

The Climate Action Team can be easily and in just a few clicks booked become one. We offer three different packages packages, depending on the CO₂ consumption of the employees. To make the journey to more climate protection as easy as possible, we work with average values. Included, depending on the package, are average values for emissions at work, private life and business travel. In addition, trees are planted in Germany for each employee per month, for which we provide information such as GPS coordinates and tree species. This makes climate protection transparent and tangible for everyone.

We are guided by the average footprint of a person in Germany. This describes the total emissions generated in Germany, divided among all persons living in Germany. This results in an average CO₂ footprint of 9.16 tons.*

We offer three packages. You decide how much compensation you want to offer your employees. There is a half, a full and a double footprint:

5 t CO₂ / year (1/2 x footprint*)🌳6 trees in DE / year✈️ incl. CO₂ buffer, which corresponds to an amount of CO₂ generated by 1 flight within EU.

10 t CO₂ / year (1 x footprint*)🌳12 trees in DE / year✈️ incl. CO₂ buffer, which corresponds to an amount of CO₂ generated by 2 flights within EU.

20 t CO₂ / year (2 x footprints*)🌳24 trees in DE / year✈️ incl. CO₂ buffer, which corresponds to an amount of CO₂ generated by 4 flights within EU.

For employees who travel a lot, the Hero package must be booked. Our general note applies: frequent air travel means a carbon-intensive life. Please make every effort to reduce your reliance on air travel and work towards a low carbon corporate policy.

Small note: With the three packages, we are only offsetting employee activities. Emissions resulting from production and other company activities are not included. If you would like to offset these as well, send an email to Daniel or call +49 221 22205 192.

1. The Federal Environment Agency reports 762 million metric tons of CO₂ emissions for Germany.
2. according to the latest life in Germany 83.2 million inhabitants. This results in 9.16 tons of CO₂.
3. we offset 10 tons of CO₂ for a complete footprint. This gives us a buffer of 0.84 metric tons of CO₂, which is equivalent to two flights within Europe.

This is the logical next step after starting with the Climate Action Team, and we are also specialised in this. We draw up a CO₂ balance sheet - certified by the TÜV - and make you an individual offer for CO₂ offsetting. Are you interested in a climate-neutral company? Send us an email and our experts will get in touch with you. Send the email to Daniel or call us at +49 221 222 05 192.

You get badges, our icon and logo, texts and posts for social media, photo material and your own Climate Action Page, where you can see the number of your trees and reduced tons of CO₂ grow every month. You can share this page publicly with your customers, for example. The badges and icons are best used on the website and in the email signature.

Click here for all FAQs about our climate protection projects and tree planting campaigns. Or give us a call: +49 221 222 05 192.