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Climate positive

Climate protection projects - how we take back the earth NOW

Now is the time to become climate positive. To regenerate the environment in order to minimise greenhouse gas pollution. But what does climate positive mean and how does it work?
Uta Nabert
February 21, 2023
Climate positive

Then the balance gets out of joint. In concrete terms, this means that too much CO₂ in the atmosphere increases the greenhouse effect and it becomes too warm. If this happens too quickly, animals, plants and people cannot adapt. They die.  

Greenhouse gas emissions per capita in Germany by consumption sector (2017) Source: Federal Environment Agency
Greenhouse gas emissions per capita in Germany by consumption sector (2017)
Source: Federal Environment Agency

To keep temperatures as they are, each of us should emit only 0.6 tonnes of CO₂ per year. That would make him/her climate neutral. In fact, according to the Federal Environment Agency, each of us emits 11.17 CO₂ per year, which is mega climate-negative. 

You now have three options:

  • you do nothing
  • you become climate neutral (with the help of climate protection projects)
  • you become climate positive (with the help of climate protection projects)
From climate-damaging to climate-neutral to climate-positive - Source: Planted

Climate-neutral was yesterday, climate-positive is thefuture!

So far, we have learned that we can't help but emit CO₂. But we can control HOW MUCH that is. Reducing our CO2 emissions should be our first priority. 

Things you can do: 

  1. fly less
  2. Eat less meat / no meat at all
  3. rarely use the car and better cycle and train
  4. Buy second hand (from A for anorak to Z for tent)
  5. Buy less and choose better quality
  6. Buy things that can be repaired or according to the Cradle to Cradle principle.
  7. Buy wood products (see infographic)
  8. Sharing things, e.g. your car with friends (sharing economy). 

Okay, ready? Good. Then you're still not carbon neutral now. As I said, you're breathing.
You can use our CO₂ calculator to find out how much CO₂ you really consume per year. Since you have already limited your consumption, the margin to the green zero (= you are climate neutral) is small. The few tons you still consume can be offset with the help of climate protection projects.

And how do you become climate-positive now?

Climate neutral is still too little these days. Everyone must do a little more now so that we also compensate retroactively for past emissions.

Even the Senate of the Economy, an association of German companies, brings this up. It names the so-called Paris gap. This refers to the gap that was created when the Paris Agreement was concluded: even if all countries adhere to the agreements in the Paris Agreement, they will not achieve their goal of limiting global warming to 2 °C.

Unless we all collectively (including you) save another 500 billion tons of CO₂ by 2050. Why even the Senate of the Economy comes up with that? Well... if we don't, we - and the economy - will be in a bad way. Because if you're busy pumping out your basements or fleeing droughts, you won't buy anything. 

Here's the math: if you start offsetting more CO₂ than you emit, you become CO₂ positive and help save the 500 billion tonnes of CO₂. Every year, you also make up for a little bit of the past. Simply invest a little more each month in climate protection projects. Maybe our Planter Package (18€ / month) is something for you.   

Climate protector energy wood - Carbon cycle of wood - Source: FNR

Our climate protection projects

We offer you three different subscriptions: Starting at €9 per month and offsetting twelve tonnes of CO₂ per year. Since the German Federal Office of Environment calculates an average of 11.17 tonnes of CO₂ per year per citizen, you are already a bit climate positive with our cheapest package. In concrete terms, you get:

  • At least 1 tree per month - which, however, is not included in your balance sheet.

Why? Although we have our own climate forester who selects the areas and suitable trees, and monitors the growing forests, we cannot guarantee the survival of all trees. That's just the way nature is. Unpredictable. 

  •  So we also invest your money in global climate protection projects that wouldn't exist if people like you didn't get involved. They alone offset your annual footprint.

If all the trees survive, you are really, really climate positive.

Can you fly again now?

At Planted, we don't believe in bashing. It is difficult to say: You can only be environmentally friendly if you leave EVERYTHING alone. Then you don't feel like it right from the start and don't even start. That's why there is the possibility to offset your emissions through climate protection projects. Nevertheless, you should try to limit yourself if it's feasible. Booking a package and driving a big car, for example, doesn't really work.